Second-Year Behavioural Economics, University of Oxford, Michaelmas Term, 2018

Note that Wednesday classes are now in SR C, Friday classes are in SR A

Instructor: Professor Vincent Crawford (co-taught with Johannes Abeler and Séverine Toussaert, convenor);   please also see their pages for this course, linked on the Department's Weblearn page).


Office hours: By email appointment, usually at All Souls unless appointment is close to one of my class times.


Course materials (this section includes all materials that are directly relevant to the Michaelmas 2018 offering; course materials from earlier offerings that have not been superseded are also linked below).



Course materials from earlier offerings in 2010-17 that have not been superseded; but not directly relevant to the Michaelmas 2018 offering

2013 Syllabus (pdf)

Survey on Decisions (pdf)

Introduction to Behavioural Economics and Decision Theory (pdf)

Mugs, Cabs, and Reference-Dependence (pdf)

Pp. 48-117 of Structural and Nonparametric Econometrics (pdf)

Present Bias and Time-inconsistency in Intertemporal Choice: Evidence and Theory (pdf)

Present Bias and Time-inconsistency in Intertemporal Choice: Applications (pdf)

The rest of Colin Camerer's and my slides from the 2015 Royal Economic Society's Easter School

Older slides at
Present-Bias and Time-Inconsistency in Intertemporal Choice (pdf), which contain some example applications not included in the newer slides)

Behavioural Uncertainty (pdf)

Behavioural Judgement (pdf)

"Wall Street self-defense: Born Suckers: The Greatest Wall Street Danger of All: You," by Henry Blodget, Slate, December 14, 2004 (amusing optional reading; html)


"Meet Hollywood's Latest Genius: Then again, in 6 months he could be a loser. Box-office success is more random than you may think," by Leonard Mlodinow, LA Times, July 2, 2006 (amusing optional reading;(html)

Practice Problems on Decisions (pdf)

Additional Practice Problems on Decisions (many not directly relevant to current offering; pdf)

Older Introduction to Behavioral Game Theory (pdf))

Pp. 1-47 of Structural and Nonparametric Econometrics

Older Strategic Thinking (pdf), which contains applications not included in the newer slides

Bargaining (pdf)

Learning (pdf)

Ware Case (html)

Practice Problems on Games (pdf)

Survey on Games (pdf)

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