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Environment and Resource Group (ERG) Past Seminars

Spring 2021 Seminars:

March 29, 2021:   Josh Graff Zivin, UCSD

April 5, 2021:   Erica Myers, University of Illinois, UIUC

April 12, 2021:   No seminar

April 19, 2021:   Lucija Muehlenbachs, University of Calgary

April 26, 2021:   Alejandro Del Valle, Georgia State University

May 3, 2021:   Steve Cicala, Tufts University

May 10, 2021:   Michael Chua, UCSD; Bei Luo, UCSD

May 17, 2021:   Zhiyun Jiang, UCSD; Jackson Somers, UCSD

May 24, 2021:   Min Lee, UCSD; Hanyi Wang, UCSD

May 31, 2021:   Memorial Day Holiday

Fall 2020 Seminars:

October 5, 2020:   First meeting: introductions

October 12, 2020:   Sheetal Sekhri (University of Virginia)

October 19, 2020:   Leslie Martin (University of Melbourne)

October 26, 2020 11:30am:   Nico Pestel (Institute of Labor Economics (IZA))

November 2, 2020:   Bryan Leonard (Arizona State University) link to paper

November 9, 2020 11:30am:   Phoebe Koundouri (Athens University)

November 16, 2020 11:30am:   Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)

November 23, 2020:   Wesley Howden (UCSD)

November 30, 2020:   Hanyi Wang (UCSD)

December 7, 2020:   Jonathan Colmer (University of Virginia)

Spring 2020 Seminars:

April 6, 2020:   Anant Sudarshan, University of Chicago

April 13, 2020:   Gregor Singer, UCSD GPS

April 20, 2020:   No meeting

April 27, 2020:   No meeting

May 4, 2020:   Bei Luo & Wesley Howden, UCSD Econ (30 mins each)

May 11, 2020:   Corbett Grainger, University of Wisconsin

May 18, 2020:   David Lagakos, UCSD Econ

May 25, 2020:   Holiday (Memorial Day)

June 1, 2020:   Zhiyun Jiang & Sarah Zeng, UCSD Econ (30 mins each)

Fall 2019 Seminars:

9/30/2019:   Judson Boomhower (UCSD)

10/7/2019:   Tom Corringham (UCSD), Richard Carson (UCSD)

10/14/2019:   Youngju Lee (UCSD)

10/21/2019:   Joseph Shapiro (UC Berkeley)

10/28/2019:   Peter Christensen (University of Illinois)

11/4/2019:   Wesley Howden (UCSD)

11/11/2019:   No meeting, Veteran's Day Holiday

11/18/2019:   Lawrence Goulder (Stanford University), Econ 300

11/25/2019:   Kyle Meng (UC Santa Barbara) (joint with Macroeconomics, Econ 300)

12/2/2019:   Ashley Langer (University of Arizona)

Spring 2019 Seminars:

4/1/2019:   Ivan Rudik (Cornell University)

4/8/2019:   Kelsey Jack (UC Santa Barbara)

4/15/2019:   Jennifer Burney (UCSD GPS)

4/22/2019:   Jiajun Lu & Alex Yu (UCSD)

4/29/2019:   Jackson Somers & Xueying Lu (UCSD)

5/6/2019:   Ryan Kellogg (Univ. of Chicago)

5/13/2019:   Brigitte Roth Tran (Federal Reserve Board)

5/20/2019:   Zhiyun Jiang & Wesley Howden (UCSD)

5/27/2019:   No meeting, Memorial Day Holiday

6/3/2019:   Jeremy West (UC Santa Cruz)

Fall 2018 Seminars:

Oct 1:   Introductions

Oct 8:   Stephanie Mao (UCSD) "Measuring Chinese Policy Intention"

Oct 15:   Jonathan Sweeney (NOAA) "What Can Fishing Teach us About the Factors that Affect Labor Supply?" and Chu (Alex) Yu (UCSD)

Oct 22:   Severin Borenstein (UC Berkeley) "Do Two Electricity Pricing Wrongs Make a Right? Cost Recovery, Externalities, and Efficiency"

Oct 29:   Jennifer Alix-Garcia (Oregon State University)

Nov 5:   Teevrat Garg and Gordon McCord (UCSD-GPS)

Nov 12:   No meeting

Nov 19:   Terry Iverson (Colorado State University) -- joint with macroeconomics

Nov 26:   Kevin Ray (UCSD) Practice Job Talk

Dec 3:   Jiajun Lu (UCSD) "Locational Choice in the United States: The Role of Preferences for Residential Space" and Wesley Howden (UCSD)

Spring 2018 Seminars:

April 2:   Matthew Harding (UC Irvine) "Environmental and Social Benefits of Time of Use Electricity Pricing"

April 9:   Judd Boomhower (UCSD) "Wildfires, Moral Hazard, and the Economic Incidence of Natural Disasters"

April 16:   Sam Krumholz (UCSD), Tom Corringham (UCSD)

April 23:   Jisung Park (UCLA)

April 30:   Kerry Smith (ASU)

May 7:   Kelly Bishop (ASU) "Hazed and Confused: Air Pollution, Financial Decision Making, and Health Outcomes among the Elderly"

May 14:   Victoria Xie (UCSD)

May 21:   Lynn Sun (UCSD)

May 28:   Memorial Day, No seminar

June 4:   Penny Liao (UCSD), Wesley Howden (UCSD), and Kevin Ray (UCSD)

Fall 2017 Seminars:

October 2:   Organizational Meeting and Shirley Lu (UCSD) "Transmission Constraints, Intermittent Renewables and Welfare"

October 9:   Alex Yu (UCSD) "Measuring the Measurement Error of Pollution and Weather Variables"

October 16:   Dahlia Ghanem (UC Davis) "Turning a Blind Eye? On the Political Economy of Environmental Regulation in China"

October 23:   Lynn Sun (UCSD) "Coastal Wetlands Reduce Property Damage During Tropical Cyclones"

October 30:   Sam Krumholz (UCSD) "TBA" and Yann Panassiť (UCSD) "Climate Change Beliefs and Adaptation: The Response of Housing Prices to Hurricanes"

November 6:   James Cust (World Bank) "Evidence for a Resource Curse?: Oil Discoveries, Elevated Expectations and Growth Disappointments"

November 13:   Nick Ryan (Yale) "Is Off-grid Solar the Answer for Rural Electrification? Evidence from India's Surprisingly Competitive Retail Power Market"

November 20:   [Thanksgiving Week]: No seminar

November 27:   Ozge Islegen (Kellogg School of Business) "An Analysis of Time-Based Pricing in Electricity Supply Chains"

December 4:   Riika Venesjarvi (University of Helsinki) "Decision Analysis Between the Use of Marine Resources and Ecosystem Conservation"

Spring 2017 Seminars:

April 3:   Anant Sudarshan (University of Chicago): "The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing"

April 10:   Teevrat Garg (UCSD GPS): "Human Capital Costs of Climate Change: Evidence from Test Scores in India"

April 17:   Antonio Bento (USC): "A New Approach to Measuring Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation" PDF

April 24:   Akshaya Jha (CMU): "The Local Environmental Costs of Coal Procurement at U.S. Power Plants" PDF

May 1:   Yann Panassie (UCSD) and Jiajun Lu (UCSD)

May 8:   Kevin Ray (UCSD)

May 15:   Sam Krumholtz (UCSD) and Chu (Alex) Yu (UCSD)

May 22:   Yanjun (Penny) Liao (UCSD) and Victoria Wenxin Xie (UCSD)

May 29:   No meeting

June 5:   Stale Navrud (Norwegian Univ of Life Sciences, visiting UCSD)

Fall 2016 Seminars:

October 3:   Sheetal Sekhri (University of Virginia): "Agricultural Trade and Depletion of Groundwater"

October 10:   Stale Navrud (Norwegian University of Life Sciences): "Valuing Coastal Ecosystem Service Losses from Oil Spills for Use in Cost-Benefit Analysis of Preventive Measures"

October 17:   Hendrik Wolff (Simon Fraser): "Estimating Indirect Benefits: Fracking, Coal and Air Pollution"

October 24:   Xueying (Shirley) Lu (UCSD): "Elasticity of Wholesale Electricity Prices with Respect to Renewable Penetration"

October 31:   Josh Graff Zivin (UCSD): "Ill Communication: Pollution and Tweet Complexity"

November 7:   Edgar Tellez Foster (UCR): "Behavioral Responses of Groundwater Users to Changes in Electricity Subsidies for Pumping: Evidence from Laboratory and Field Experiments"

November 14:   Judson Boomhower (Stanford/UCSD): "Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver at the Right Time"

November 21:   Fanglin Sun (UCSD): "Tax Incentives for Greener Cars: Evidence from the Automobile Market in China"

November 28:   Jan Brueckner (UCI): "Optimal Energy Taxation in Cities"

Spring 2016 Seminars:

April 4:   Ariel Dinar (UCR), "Water Doesn't Flow towards Money: Water Trade Frictions in California"

April 11:   Jake Johnson (UCSD), "Carbon and Congress"

April 18:   Prashant Bharadwaj (UCSD), "Dust and Death: Evidence from the West African Harmattan" and Yanjun (Penny) Liao (UCSD), "Weather and the Decision to Go Solar: Evidence from Costly Cancellations"

April 25:   Deborah Seligsohn (UCSD), "Industrial Concentration and Air Pollution Enforcement in the Chinese Power Sector" and Yann Panassie (UCSD)

May 2:   Aaditya Dar (George Washington University), "The Groundwater Constraint: Responses to Falling Water Tables in India"

May 9:   Isla Globus-Harris (UCSD) and Kevin Ray (UCSD)

May 16:   Jeff Shrader (UCSD), "Expectations and Adaptation to Environmental Risks"

May 23:   Arthur van Benthem (University of Pennsylvania), "Finders, Keepers?"

Fall 2015 Seminars:

September 28:   Welcome and introductions

October 5:   Ram Fishman (George Washington University)

October 12:   Xueying (Shirley) Lu (UCSD)

October 19:   Kevin Ray (UCSD) and Julien Wolfersberger (Duke University)

October 26:   Jean-Daniel Saphores (UC Irvine)

November 2:   Penny Liao (UCSD)

November 9:   Edward Allison (University of Washington School of Marine and Environmental Affairs)

November 16:   Derek Lemoine (University of Arizona)

November 23:   Paulina Oliva Vallejo (UC Santa Barbara)

November 30:   Brigitte Roth Tran (UCSD)

Spring 2015 Seminars:

April 6:   Jeff Englin (Arizona State)

April 13:   Oleksiy Mnyshenko (UCSD)

April 20:   Peter Berck (UC Berkeley)

April 27:   Brigitte Roth Tran (UCSD)

May 4:   Ben Gilbert (University of Wyoming)

May 11:   Jeff Shrader (UCSD)

May 18:   Isla Globus-Harris (UCSD)

May 25:   No meeting (Memorial Day)

June 1:   Yann Panassiť (UCSD)

Winter 2015 Seminars:

January 12:   Jamie Mullins (UCSD)

January 19:   No meeting (MLK holiday)

January 26:   Valentina Bosetti (University of Bocconi)

February 2:   Carlos Coimbra (UCSD Engineering)

February 9:   Ruixue Jia (UCSD IR/PS)

February 16:   No meeting (presidents day)

February 23:   Richard Carson (UCSD)

March 2:   Junjie Zhang (UCSD IR/PS)

March 9:   Danny Cullenward (Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute)

Fall 2014 Seminars:

October 6:   General meeting and introductions

October 13:   William Leung, UCSD

October 20:   Brigitte Roth Tran, UCSD

October 27:   William Gibbons-Fly, US Department of State and UC Berkeley (visiting)

November 3:   Stephie Fried, UCSD

November 10:   Matt Gibson, UCSD

November 17:   Oleksiy Mnyshenko, UCSD and Carlo Fezzi, University of East Anglia and UCSD (visiting)

November 24:   Kevin Roth, UC Irvine

December 1:   Chris Steiner, UCSD

December 8:   Tamara Sheldon, UCSD

Spring 2014 Seminars:

March 31:   Richard Carson (UCSD)

April 7:   Kelsey Jack (Tufts)
"Uncertainty, Self-Selection and the Design of Subsidies: Evidence from Zambia"

April 14:   Chen Liu and Junjie Zhang (UCSD)

April 21:   Tamara Sheldon (UCSD)

April 28:   Steven Levkoff (UCSD)

May 5:   Josh Abbott (Arizona State University)
"Natural Capital: From Metaphor to Measurement" pdf

May 12:   William Leung (UCSD) and Junjie Zhang (UCSD)

May 19:   Michael Anderson (UC Berkeley)

May 26:   Memorial day holiday

June 2:   Rafael Perez and Jaime Salgado (COLEF), and Chris Steiner (UCSD)

Winter 2014 Seminars:

January 13:   Stephie Fried (UCSD)

January 20:   Holiday

January 27:   Josh Graff-Zivin (UCSD)

January 30 (Special lecture 2pm in Econ 200): Geoffrey Heal (Columbia)

February 3:   Matt Gibson (UCSD)

February 10:   Gordon McCord (UCSD, IR/PS)

February 17:   Holiday

February 24:   Astrid Dannenberg (Columbia)

March 3:   Jamie Mullins (UCSD)

March 10:   Isla Globus-Harris (UCSD) and Rafael Perez Pena (COLEF)

Fall 2013 Seminars:

September 30:   General meeting and introductions

October 7:   Jacob LaRiviere, University of Tennessee

October 14:   Carlo Fezzi, University of East Anglia and UCSD visitor

October 21:   Jeffrey Shrader, UC San Diego

October 28:   David Brownstone, UC Irvine

November 4:   Dale Squires, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

November 11:   No meeting - Veteran's Day holiday

November 18:   Brigitte Roth Tran (UCSD) and Chris Steiner (UCSD)

November 25:   No meeting

December 2:   Ben Miller, UC San Diego

Spring 2013 Seminars:

April 1st:   Jacob Johnson, UC San Diego

April 8th:   Christian Traeger, UC Berkeley
"Subjective Risk, Confidence, and Ambiguity"   PDF

April 15th:   Carlo Fezzi, University of East Anglia (and currently visiting UCSD)

April 22nd:   Brigitte Roth Tran, UC San Diego

April 29th:   Jamie Mullins (UCSD) and Matt Gibson (UCSD)

May 6th:   Ted Groves, UC San Diego

May 13th:   Junjie Zhang, UC San Diego

May 20th:   Nick Kuminoff (Arizona State University)
"National Amenity Expenditures"   PDF

May 27th:   No meeting (Memorial Day holiday)

June 3rd:   Jim Bushnell, UC Davis
"Vertical Commitments and the Price Effects of Mergers: The Exelon-Constellation Merger"

Winter 2013 Seminars:

January 7th:   No meeting

January 14th:   Dave Rapson, UC Davis
Web page

January 21st:   No meeting (MLK Holiday)

January 28th:   Deepak Rajagopal, UCLA
"The relationship between policy choice and the size of the policy region: Why small jurisdictions may prefer renewable energy policies to reduce CO2 emissions" PDF

February 4th:   Jaime Salgado, COLEF
"An Assessment of an Emissions Tax in Mexico Using the GTAP Model"

February 11th:   Tamara Sheldon, UC San Diego and Barbara Hutniczak (University of Southern Denmark)

February 18th:   No meeting (President's Day)

February 25th:   Stephie Fried, UC San Diego

March 4th:   Jennifer Burney, UC San Diego

March 11th:   Olivier Deschenes, UC Santa Barbara
"Adapting to Climate Change: The Remarkable Decline in the U.S. Temperature-Mortality Relationship Over The 20th Century" PDF

Spring 2012 Seminars:

April 9th:   Brigitte Roth Tran, UCSD

April 16th:   Masahide Wantabe, visiting UCSD this year from Osaka University

April 23rd:   Alan Barecca, Tulane

April 30th:   Stephie Fried, UCSD

May 7th:   Jon Hughes, University of Colorado

May 14th:   Short presentations

May 21st:   Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan

May 28th:   (Memorial Day holiday)

June 4th:   TBA, overlaps with AERE summer conference

Winter 2012 Seminars:

January 9th:   Jay Abolofia, UC Davis
Dissertation research on aquaculture Web page

January 23rd:   Michael Futch, UC San Diego
Web page

January 30th:   Timothy Hamilton, NC State
Web page

February 6th:   Chris Guo, UC Santa Barbara
Web page

February 13th:   James Hamilton, UC San Diego
Oil Prices, Exhaustible Resources, and Economic Growth

February 27th:   Chris Steiner, UC San Diego

March 5th:   John Niles, World Wildlife Fund

March 12th:   No lunch meeting; the afternoon applied economics seminar (2:00 - 3:30pm in Economics Room 300) is hosting Scott Taylor from the University of Calgary.

Spring 2011 Seminars:

March 28th:   Linda Cohen, UC Irvine
"Derivative Markets for Pollution Permits and Incentives to Innovate" paper

April 4th:   Katrina Jessoe, UC Davis
"Electricity Subsidies for Agriculture: Evaluating the Impact and Persistence of These Subsidies in India" paper

April 11th:   Sheila Olmstead, RFF
"Induced Development in Risky Locations: Fire Suppression and Land Use in the American West" paper

April 18th:   Ben Gilbert, UCSD
"To What Electricity Price Signal do Consumers Respond? Demand Response Upon Receipt Versus Payment of Monthly Bills"

April 25th:   Mike Madowitz, UCSD
"Can environmental fees reduce state tax revenue volatility?"

May 2nd:   Nicholas Sanders, Stanford University
"Where Have all the Young Men Gone? Using Gender Ratios to Measure the Effect of Pollution on Fetal Death Rates"

May 9th:   Series of short presentations from visitors and students
Speakers: Chris Steiner, Brigitte Roth Tran, Takuya Nakaizumi, and Jacob Johnson

May 16th:   Junjie Zhang, IR/PS
"The Carbon Market, Congestion and Wind Power in China: A Structural Approach"

May 23rd:   Gabriela Muñoz-Melendez, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte
"A Regional Carbon Trading Scheme for California and Baja California"

May 30th:   (No meeting -- Memorial Day)

Winter 2011:

January 24:   Matt Lauer, SDSU
will discuss his work on Marine Protected Areas in the Solomon Islands

January 31:   Hans Ellefson, Visiting Graduate Student, Univ. of Southern Denmark
will discuss his work on Stability of Fishing Agreements with Entry: The North East Atlantic Mackerel

February 7:   Megan Bailey, Graduate Student, UBC
"Can Cooperative Management of Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific Solve the Growth Overfishing Problem?"

February 14:   Anthony Liu, Graduate Student, UCSD
"Incorporating Endogenous Tax Evasion into CGE Models: Implementation and an Illustration"

February 28:   Josh Graff-Zivin, UCSD
"The Impact of Pollution on Worker Productivity"

March 8:   Severin Borenstein, UC-Berkeley
"Redistributional Impacts of Non-Linear Electricity Pricing"
NOTE: Joint Seminar with the Applied Seminar: Meeting Time: 3:30 - 5:00 pm : Meeting Room: Economics 300

March 14:   Erik Lichtenberg, Univ. of Maryland
"Tariffs and the Risk of Invasive Pest Introductions" paper"

March 17:   Josh Cinner, Univ. New South Wales
will discuss his work on Co-management of Fisheries in Developing Countries
NOTE: Meeting Time: 2:30 - 4:00 pm : Meeting Place: Economics 300

Fall 2010:

October 4:   Ben Gilbert, Graduate Student, UCSD
will discuss his work on (i) Fisheries and (ii) Smart Electric Meters

October 11:   Kevin Novan, Graduate Student, UCSD
will discuss his work on the Implications of Wind Generated Electricity

October 18:   Richard Carson, UCSD
"Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh: A Household Labor Market Approach"

October 25:   Jarrod Welch, Graduate Student, UCSD
will discuss his work on Climate Change, Rice and Farmer Response

November 1:   Mike Madowitz, Graduate Student, UCSD
"Excise Tax Adjustment Mechanisms: An Application to the California Gasoline Market"

November 8:   Anthony Liu, Graduate Student, UCSD
will discuss his work on Privatization of Sewage Treatment in China

November 15:   Marty Smith, Duke University
"The Dynamic Efficiency Costs of Common-Pool Resource Exploitation" paper

November 22:   Marta Vicarelli, Graduate Student, Columbia University
"Exogenous Income Shocks and Consumption Smoothing in Rural Mexico" paper
NOTE: Joint with IR/PS : Meeting Time: 12:30 - 2:00 pm : Meeting Place: IR/PS Dean's Conference Room

November 29:   Prashant Bharadwaj, UCSD
will discuss his work on Climate, Pollution and Human Capital

Spring 2010 Seminars:

March 29th:   Anthony Liu, UCSD

April 5th:   Kevin Novan, UCSD "Estimates of the Environmental Benefits of Wind Generation" abstract
and Sam Dastrup, UCSD "Solar Panels and Residential Property Values" abstract

April 12th:   Jeffrey LaFrance, UC Berkeley and Washington State University
"Risk Management and the Intensive and Extensive Margin in U.S. Agriculture" paper

April 19th:   Chris Knittel, UC Davis
"Caution Drivers! Children Present: Traffic, Air Quality and Infant Health"

April 26th:   Ben Gilbert, UCSD

May 3rd:   Meredith Fowlie, UC Berkeley
"Allocating Emissions Permits in Cap-and-Trade Programs: Theory and evidence" paper

May 10th:   Jacob LaRiviere, UCSD

May 17th:   Kerry Smith, Arizona State University
"Valuing Ecosystem Services in General Equilibrium" paper

May 24th:   Darwin Hall, CSU Long Beach
"Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Water Rates" related papers

May 31st:   (Holiday)

June 7th:   Jarrod Welch

Winter 2010 Seminars:

January 11th:   Mary Evans, Claremont McKenna College

January 18th:   (Holiday)

January 25th:   Sam Dastrup

February 1st:   Ben Fissel/Richard Carson (30 minutes each)

February 8th:   James Hilger, National Marine Fisheries Service

February 15th:   (Holiday)

February 22nd:   Ariel Dinar, UC Riverside

March 1st:   Mike Madowitz and Ben Gilbert

March 8th:   Naomi Oreskes

Winter Quarter 2009 Seminars:

January 12: Ben Gilbert (UCSD) "Voluntary Fishing Cooperatives vs. Individual Fishing Quotas: Which is the First-Best Solution?"

January 19: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday: No seminar

January 26: Cynthia Lin (UC Davis) An Empirical Dynamic Model of OPEC and Non-OPEC (1 1/2 hours)

February 2: Jacob LaRiviere (UCSD) "The Role of Federal Labs in Research Joint Ventures"

February 9: Joshua Cinner (Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies) "Linking Social and Ecological Systems to Sustain Coral Reef Fisheries"
Joint with Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, SIO.

February 16: President's Day Holiday: No seminar

February 23: Robert Deacon (UC Santa Barbara) The Efficiency Gains from Coordinating Effort in a Fishery: Evidence from the Chignik Salmon Cooperative" (1 1/2 hours)

March 2: Mark Jacobsen (UCSD) "Impacts of State-Level Limits on Greenhouse Gasses per Mile in the Presence of Naitonal CAFE Standards" (abstract)

March 9: Ben Fissel (UCSD) and Anthony Liu (UCSD): graduate student research reports

March 16: Exam Week: No seminar

March 23: Spring Break: No Seminar

Spring Quarter 2009 Seminars:

March 30: Steve Stohs (NMFS) A Kalman Filter for Environmental Risk: Measuring Spatio-temporal Variation in Sea Turtle Bycatch Rates

April 6: Charles Kolstad (UCSB): Voluntary Public Goods Provision, Coalition Formation, and Uncertainty

April 13: Jeffrey O'Hara (Chicago Climate Exchange) "CCX: The U.S. Carbon and Environmental Derivatives Exchange"

April 20: Jacob LaRiviere (UCSD) "The Influence of Crew Remuneration Regimes on Fleet Capacity and Optimal Fisheries Management" (abstract) and
James Hilger (NMFS) "Objective Measure Perception Discrepancy: Swimming in Sewage"

April 27: James Sanchirico (UCD): "Economically Optimal Management of a Metapopulation" (abstract)

May 4: Jarrod Welch (UCSD) "Measuring the Effects of Temperature on Rice Agriculture in Asia" and
Kevin Novan (UCSD) "Variable Fuel Taxation: An Application to California"

May 11: Christopher Costello (UCSB): "Spatial Property Rights and Efficient Resource Use" (abstract)

May 18: Geir Asheim (Univ of Oslo): "Intergenerational Equity"
Background papers: Sustainable Recursive Social Welfare Functionsf and
Sustainability and Discounted Utilitarianism in Models of Economic Growth

May 25: Memorial Day: No Seminar

June 1: Suresh Muthulingam (UCLA, Cornell): Managerial Biases and Energy Savings: AN Empirical Analysis of the Adoption of Process Improvement Recommendations
Joint seminar with Rady School of Management, IR/PS, and Department of Economics

Fall 2009 Seminars:

September 28th:  Organizational meeting and research updates from faculty and students

October 5th:  Anthony Liu
Title: Tax Evasion and the Double Dividend

October 12th:  Adam Rose (visiting from USC)  12:00-1:30pm seminar
Title: Economic Analyses of State and Regional Climate Action Plans in the U.S.
Related paper: PDF
and flyer for Adam Rose's new book: PDF

October 19th:  Ben Gilbert "Firm Boundaries and Environmental Performance" and
Brigitte Roth-Tran "Discounting Behavior and Environmental Decisions" PDF

October 26th:  Jacob LaRiviere (job market candidate)  12:00-1:30pm
Title: Profit Sharing in Natural Resource Industries: Implications and Optimal Management

November 2nd:  Tom Corringham

November 9th:  Ben Fissel "Cointegration Analysis in Multispecies Fisheries"  12:00-1:00pm

November 16th:  Double feature,  12:00 - 1:30pm
Laura Grant (UC Santa Barbara) "Fishing for a Catch: Marine Protected Areas and California's Commercial Spiny Lobster Trappers"
and Kevin Novan (UCSD) "Estimating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided by Wind Generation"

November 23rd:  Linda Fernandez (UC Riverside)  12:00-1:30pm
"Dynamic Analysis Of Open Space Value Using A Repeat Sales/Hedonic Approach" PDF

November 30th:  Series of short talks: Master's students from UCSD's Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program 


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