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Henry Abarbanel Physics Dept UCSD
Eli Berman Econ Dept UCSD
Prashant Bharadwaj Econ Dept UCSD
Richard Carson Econ Dept UCSD
Maximilian Etschmaier Econ Dept SDSU
Heidi Gjertsen Conservation International
Josh Graff Zivin IR/PS UCSD
Theodore Groves Econ Dept UCSD
James Hamilton Econ Dept UCSD
Rognvaldur Hannesson Norwegian Sch Econ and Bus Admin, Bergen, Norway
Mark Jacobsen Econ Dept UCSD
Yongil Jeon SKKU, South Korea
Vish Krishnan Rady School of Management, UCSD
Sturla Kvamsdal Norwegian Sch Econ and BA, Bergen, Norway
Jacob LaRiviere Econ Dept, Univ of Tennessee
Steven Levkoff Econ Dept UCSD
Gary Libecap Bren School UCSB
Lesley McAllister School of Law, Univ of San Diego
Craig McIntosh IR/PS UCSD
Jason Murray Econ Dept Univ of South Carolina
Ståle Navrud Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Jeffrey O'Hara Chicago Climate Exchange
Kimberly Prather Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept UCSD
Valerie Ramey Econ Dept UCSD
Dale Squires SWSFC/NMFS/NOAA & Econ Dept UCSD
Rachel Stern Port of San Diego
Steve Stohs SWSFC/NMFS/NOAA & Econ Dept UCSD
Jenny Sun NTOU, Taiwan & Econ Dept UCSD
Kurt Schwabe Environmental Science Dept UCR
Reuben Veliz Marymount Collee, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Niels Vestergaard University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg, Denmark
Joel Watson Econ Dept UCSD
Sheila Walsh Brown University
Junjie Zhang IR/PS UCSD

Graduate Students
Tom Corrigan Econ Dept UCSD
Sam Dastrup Econ Dept UCSD
Ben Fissel Econ Dept UCSD
Stephie Fried Econ Dept UCSD
Ben Gilbert Econ Dept UCSD
Ashley Hooper Econ Dept UCSD
Ayana Johnson SIO UCSD
Sara Kerosky Pol Sci Dept UCSD
Travis Knowles Pol Sci Dept UCSD
Anthony Liu Econ Dept UCSD
Michael Madowitz Econ Dept UCSD
Timothy Mahedy Econ Dept SDSU
Kevin Novan Econ Dept UCSD
Sarada Sarada Econ Dept UCSD
Tess Scharlemann Econ Dept UCSD & Department of the Treasury, Washington, D.C.
Brigitte Roth Tran Econ Dept UCSD
Jarrod Welch Econ Dept & IR/PS UCSD
Membership in the Center is open to all members of the extended UCSD community (faculty, graduate students, affiliates, visitors) who are interested in the activities of the Center. New members may join at any time, with revised membership rolls updated periodically. Individuals interested in becoming members should inform the Director of their interest.

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