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Working Papers

Current Working Papers of the Center are:

2011 Working Papers

11-01 Graff Zivin, Joshua, Matthew Neidell, and Wolfram Schlenker "Water Quality Violations and Avoidance Behavior: Evidence from Bottled Water Consumption", January, 2011
11-02 Hamilton, James D. "Historical Oil Shocks", December 22, 2010, revised February 1, 2011
11-03 Carson, Richard, Jordan J. Louviere "A Common Nomenclature for State Preference Elicitation Approaches" January, 2011 (to appear in Environ Resource Econ)
11-04 Carson, Richard, Theodore Groves "Incentive and information properties of preference questions: commentary and extensions" 2011 (to appear in Bennett Chapter 15)
11-05 Zhang, Junjie, Can Wang "Co-Benefits and Additionality of the Clean Development Mechanism: An Empirical Analysis March 22, 2011

2010 Working Papers

10-01 Alix-Garcia, Jennifer, Craig McIntosh, Katharine R. E. Sims, Jarrod R. Welch "The Ecological Footprint of Poverty Alleviation: Evidence From Mexico's Oportunidades Program", February 27, 2010
10-02 Walsh, Sheila, Theodore Groves, Sriniketh Nagavarapu "Promoting Alternative Livelihoods for Conservation Backfires when Non-Monetary Benefits of Traditional Livelihoods are Important", July 2, 2010
10-03R Gjertsen, Heidi, Theodore Groves, David A. Miller, Eduard Niesten, Dale Squires, Joel Watson "A Contract-theoretic Model of Conservation Agreements ", August 23, 2010
10-04 Fissel, Ben, Ben Gilbert "Exogenous Productivity Shocks and Capital Investment in Common-pool Resources", September 23, 2010
10-05 Graff Zivin, Joshua and Matthew Neidell "Temperature and the Allocation of Time: Implications for Clilmate Change", February, 2010
10-06 Dastrop, Samuel, Joshua Graff Zivin, Dora L. Costa, and Matthew E. Kahn "Understanding the Solar Home Price Premium: Electricity Generation and 'Green' Social Status", December, 2010
10-07 Graff Zivin, Joshua, Maria Damon, and Harsha Thirumurthy "Health Shocks and Natural Resource Management: Evidence from Western Kenya", December, 2010
10-08 Carson, Richard "The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Seeking Empirical Regularity and Theoretical Structure" January, 2010 (appeared in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, volume 4, issue 1, winter 2010, pp. 3-23
10-09 Carson, Richard, Jordan J. Louviere "Experimental design and the estimation of willingness to pay in choice experiments for health policy evaluation" April, 2010
10-10 Louviere, Jordan J., Terry N. Flynn, Richard Carson "Discrete Choice Experiments Are Not Conjoint Analysis" October, 2010 (appeared in Journal of Choice Modelling, 3(3), pp 57-72
10-11 Carson, Richard, Phoebe Koundouri, Celine Nauges "Arsenic Mitigation in Banglades: A Household Labor Market Approach" November 30, 2010 (appeared in Amer. J. Agr. Econ. 1-8
10-12 Carson, Richard, Tolga Cenesizoglu, Roger Parker "Forecasting (aggregate) demand for US commercial air travel" 2010 (to appear in International Journal of Forecasting)

2009 Working Papers

09-01 Squires, Dale & Neils Vestergaard, "Technical Change and the Commons", February 17, 2009
09-02 Hannesson, Rognvaldur, Kjell Salvanes, & Dale Squires "Technological Change and the Tragedy of the Commons: The Lofoten Fishery over Hundred and Thirty Years", February 21, 2009
09-03 Li, Shanjun, Yanyan Liu, & Junjie Zhang, "Lose Some, Save Some: Overweight, Automobile Demand, and Gasoline Consumption in the U.S." May 22, 2009
09-04 Carson, Richard T., W. Michael Hanemann & Thomas C. Wegge A Nested Logit Model of Recreational Fishing Demand in Alaska(to appear in Marine Resource Economics)
09-05 Carson, Richard T., Maria Damon, Leigh T. Johnson, & Jamie Gonzalez Conceptual Issues in Designing a Policy to Phase Out Metal-Based Antfouling Paints on Recreational Boats in San Diego Bay(appeared in Journal of Environmental Management, 2009)
09-06 Hamilton, James, "Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-2008", April 27, 2009
09-07 Carson, Richard, Jordan J. Louviere, Edward Wei, "Alternative Australian climate change plans: The public's views" November 13, 2009 (appeared in Energy Policy 38 (2010) 902-911)
09-08 Carson, Richard, Jordan J. Louviere, Nada Wasi, "A Cautionary Note on Designing Discrete Choice Experiments: A Comment on Lusk and Norwood's 'Effect of Experiment Design on Choice-Based Conjoint Valuation Estimates'" November, 2009 (appeared in Amer.J.Agr.Econ. 91(4), November 2009): 1056-1063)
09-09 Carson, Richard, Brigitte Roth Tran "Discounting Behavior and Environmental Decisions" 2009 (appeared in Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics 2009, Vol. 2, No.2, 112-130)

2008 Working Papers

08-01 Kvamsadl, Sturla & Theodore Groves, "Spatial management of a fishery under parameter uncertainty", June 8, 2008
08-02 Hamilton, James, "Understanding Crude Oil Prices", June 4, 2008
08-03 Hamilton, James, "Oil and the Macroeconomy", August 24, 2005 (to appear in the Palgrave Dictionary of Economics)
08-04 Dutton, Peter & Dale Squires "Reconciling Biodiversity with Fishing: A Holistic Strategy for Pacific Sea Turtle Recovery", April 1, 2008
08-05 Grafton, R. Quentin, et. al. "Positioning fisheries in a changing world", July, 2008
08-06 Squires, Dale "Opportunities in Social Science Research", November, 2008 to appear in R.J. Beamish and B.J. Rothschild (eds), The Futures oppf Fisheries Science in North Americs
08-07 Jeon, Yongil, Christopher Reid, & Dale Squires "Is There a Global Market for Tuna? Policy Implications for Tropical Tuna Fisheries", February, 2008
08-08 Squires, Dale et. al. "Fisheries Management: 3. Managing fishing capacity" FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries 4 Supplement 3, 2008
08-09 Auffhammer, Maximillian & Richard T. Carson "Forecasting the Path of China's CO2 Emissions: Using Province Level Information" (appeared in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2008
08-10 Jacobsen, Mark R. "Evaluating U.S. Fuel Economy Standards in a Model with Producer and Household Heterogeneity"
April, 2008

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