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The Center for Environmental Economics promotes research in environmental economics and provides a community for scholars (faculty, graduate students, and others) interested in various topics on environmental economics. Research is organized by various Programs under the umbrella of the Center.

During the academic year the Center hosts a weekly workshop at noon on Mondays for work at various stages of completion to be presented. While most presentations are by locals, visitors from other campuses also are invited from time to time to present their recent work. Graduate students are especially encouraged to present their research from initial idea to final product. Information about recent and upcoming workshops/seminars may be accessed here.

Additionally, the Center co-sponsors campus-wide speakers on environmental economic topics.


1   Purpose
The Center for Environmental Economics shall promote research, education, and public outreach in environmental economics and provide a community for scholars in the extended UCSD community interested in various topics on environmental economics.

2   Membership
Membership in the Center is open to all members of the extended UCSD community who are interested in the activities of the Center. Individuals interested in becoming members should inform the Director of their interest.

3   Director
The Director shall be appointed (or reappointed) by the Economics Department Chair after consultation with the Center's members. The Director of the Center will have the following responsibilities: (1) Head the Executive Committee; (2) Monitor all programs and projects of the Center; (3) Produce a written annual report of the Center's activities, including sources and uses of funds for the previous fiscal year.

4   Executive Committee
The Director will appoint an Executive Committee, consisting of at least three Center members in addition to the Director, representing a diversity of areas within environmental economics. The Director will make decisions on the allocation of Center funds in consultation with the Executive Committee.

5   Funding
Funds for the Center may be obtained through research grants, allocations of University funds, and donations by individuals. Center funds are maintained in an account that is administered by the Economics Department staff.

6   Amendment of Charter
This Charter may be amended at any time by two-thirds vote of current Center members, or by three-quarters vote of Economics Department faculty.

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