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Global Ocean Commons Program

The Global Oceans Commons Program has a strong focus on the management of marine resources both in the United States and worldwide. Projects tend to fall into six general categories. The first involves development of improved bioeconomic modeling frameworks to help fisheries managers better understand the implications of available policy options. The second examines the strong role that technological change in fisheries plays in efforts to manage them and the ability to statistically model fish stocks. The third involves the industrial organization of the fishing industry and its two-way interaction with fisheries management policies. The fourth looks at the structure and impact of international fisheries agreements between two or more countries. The fifth considers the creation of marine protected areas and the factors that influence their success and performance. The sixth looks at the range of coastal zone management issues involving pollution, coral reefs, mangrove forests and wetlands and recreational fishing, and sea turtles both in the United States and in developing countries.

UCSD Faculty members: Dale Squires (Group Leader), Richard Carson, Ted Groves, Joel Watson, Junjie Zhang

Southwest Fisheries Center members: Dale Squires, Sam Herrick, James Hilger, Steve Stohs, Joe Terry

Other members in San Diego: Heidi Gjertsen (Conservation International)
Frequent visitors to UCSD associated with Program: Rognvaldur Hannesson (Norwegian School of Economics & Business), Yongil Jeon* (SKKU, South Korea), Jason Murray* (U. of South Carolina), Sturla Kvamsdal* (Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration, Norway), Jenny Sun (NTOU, Taiwan), Sheila Walsh* (Brown), Niels Vestergaard (U. of Southern Denmark). *Former graduate students

Current Program Graduate Students: Ben Fissel, Ben Gilbert, Jacob LaRiviere, Brigitte Roth Tran

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