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    *Subjects Instructions for Computer Version.

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    Press Coverage: Vox

"Diverging Opinions." with Tymofiy Mylovanov, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 4.1 (2012): 209-232.



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    Press Coverage: Freakonomics, Vox, Wall Street Journal

"Is Crowding Out Due Entirely to Fundraising?  Evidence from a Panel of Charities" with A. Abigail Payne, revision, February 2009. (Formerly titled "Crowding out Both Sides of the Philanthropy Market: Evidence from a Panel of Charities" ) Journal of Public Economics, v. 95, June 2011, 334-343.
     Press Coverage: Newsweek

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*Subjects' Instructions.   Supplemental Materials   Old 2007 Version.

"Revealing Preferences for Fairness in Ultimatum Bargaining: Parametric and Nonparametric Estimates of Utility'' Marco Castillo and Ragan Petrie,  Korean Economic Review, 25, Summer 2009, 35-64.
* Reviewed on NAJ Economics, 2005, volume 9
*Proposers' Instructions, Responders' Instructions for the Standard Game 
     * Non-Parametric estimates of best-reply functions
for all subjects.

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* Subjects' Instructions for the Information-and-Photos condition. 

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   *Subjects' Instructions for reciprocal matching and circular matching conditions
    *Appendix table with CES estimates for each subject

"Twenty Surprising Years of BBV", Guest Editor's introduction to J. Andreoni and R. Kanbur, Eds., Special Issue Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Bergstrom, Blume, and Varian's 'On the Private Provision of Public Goods.'  Journal of Public Economics, v. 91, September 2007, 1643-1644. pdf

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*Subjects' Instructions: 1st Price Auction, 2nd Price Auction

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* Subjects' Instructions: regular, round-robin, tournament

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    * Subjects' Instructions.
Reviewed on NAJ Economics, 2003, volume 6 Subjects' Instructions.

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Notes and Comments:

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