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You may request the data from any of the papers below. By downloading the data you are agreeing to use the data only for scientific purposes, that any published use of the data will be attributed to James Andreoni (and co-authors, when appropriate), and that the data will not be used for commercial purposes. Also, please do not distribute the data to others without the permission of James Andreoni.

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"Cooperation in Public Goods Experiments: Kindness or Confusion?" American Economic Review, vol. 85, December 1995, 891-904.
"Warm-Glow versus Cold-Prickle: The Effects of Positive and Negative Framing on Cooperation in Experiments." Quarterly Journal of Economics, vol. 110, February 1995, 1-21.
"An Experimental Test of the Public Goods Crowding-Out Hypothesis." American Economic Review, vol. 83, December 1993, 1317-1327.
"Rational Cooperation in the Finitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: Experimental Evidence." Economic Journal, vol. 103, May 1993, 570-585.
"Why Free Ride? Strategies and Learning in Public Goods Experiments." Journal of Public Economics, vol. 37, December 1988, 291-304.

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