Visiting Scholars and Ph.D. Students

December 2016

Every year I receive many requests from scholars and students who would like to visit my department.  We welcome the vitality that a visitor brings to our department.  Visitors also play an important role in the development of research, teaching and collaboration. I am happy to host you, but I would like to share some information.

  • Per the department and university policies, visiting scholars are supposed to visit our department for the purpose of research collaboration.  If you do not have a well-defined research proposal, and there is no possibility that we will work on the proposed project together, then it is most likely that I will not be able to honor your request. The proposal should be similar to what you would submit to a well-recognized funding agency for financial support. 


  • The department has imposed a strict quota of two visiting scholars or students per year per faculty member. I may not be able to honor your request simply because I have run out of quota.


  •  For visiting Ph.D. students, I only host those who have already shown lots of promises in theoretical econometrics. I will consider your visiting request only if you have already completed a high-quality research paper in English and your research interest overlaps with mine. Please note that there is no joint Ph.D. program between my department and any other non UCSD institute.  Should you decide to visit us, you will come as a visitor only.


  • The University of California and all its campuses are undergoing a severe budget reduction so there is virtually no financial support available should you decide to visit us; we do not have sufficient space available for you to have a personal office --- you will have to share a space with other visiting scholars. Department resources are extremely limited in the best of times, and this is clearly not one of those. 


  • The La Jolla area of San Diego is a very high cost-of-living area and rents even for modest accommodations will be high. It is recommended that single visitors should have at least $1700 per month in financial support ($2300 for married without children).  Public transportation is available but is of limited range and you will find it necessary to rent a car from time to time (or buy one outright) to visit places outside of the San Diego area.


  • If you need a J1 visa, there is a visa processing fee of $425 as of December 2016, charged by our international center. The department now also requires all visiting scholars and student make a "donation" to the department. This is similar to the "bench fee" that is fairly standard in the UK. See here for an example. At the discretion of the department chair, the donation may be waived for distinguished visitors who will make direct contributions to department's research and teaching.

If you have any question, please feel free to email me at yisun at


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