Crawford debuts in Fair Game

Ken Vincent, Reporter

Warner Bros. new action romance, Fair Game, starring Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin, opened last weekend at theaters everywhere. This is Crawford's first attempt at the motion picture industry after successes in modeling and hosting MTV's House of Style. Crawford's character, Kate McQuean, becomes the target of an international embezzling ring and is given protection by a homicide detective, played by Baldwin.

Danger causes a turbulent relationship between the two to develop into love during the course of the picture. Although her character managed to be believable at times, Crawford did not display an outstanding amount of theatrical talent. On the other hand, Baldwin, who had success in other films such as Flatliners and Backdraft, did a good job playing the stereotypical grizzled cop. The "bad guys," who consisted of ex-KGB officers with laughable Russian accents, weren't too creative, but at times they were quite humorous. In the tradition of recent action films like True Lies new filming and stunt techniques made action sequences more dynamic and less believable. Good points of this film included the development of Crawford and Baldwin's relationship and occasional comic relief.

I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys action films and wants to be entertained, but not to people who are looking for a high class film experience.

Vincent Crawford / UCSD Department of Economics / last modified 23 March 2000