In memory of Bennett Crain

(photos by Marjorie Crain)

At Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia (please scroll to right; photo by Bob Crain)

Obituary in the Annapolis Capital, 6 September 2006

Obituary in the Baltimore Sun, 8 September 2006

Mention in the Annapolis Capital, 30 December 2006

Notice in the University of Virgina Alumni Magazine

"In Memoriam: Bennett Crain, Jr.: ‘A southern gentleman of impeccable character’," by C. Edward Hartman II, in the Anne Arundel County Barrister, February 2007 (scroll to p. 5)

Born 1 October 1930, Baltimore, Maryland

Raised Mt. Victoria, Charles County, Maryland

Mount Victoria

Died 3 September 2006, Annapolis, Maryland

(photos by Marion Warren, 18 June 1920 - 8 September 2006)
MainStreetfrom StAnnes

Church Circle

Vincent Crawford, Bennett Crain, E. Pat Francke, Taylor Jones, Pete Alexander on Landsend
(Ft. Lauderdale to Annapolis, May-June 2004; photo by E. Pat)

Cap'n BC at the Helm (photo by E. Pat)
Cap'n BC at the Helm

Sunset from Landsend's Quarterdeck (photo by E. Pat)
Sunset from Landsend's quarterdeck

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