The B34S Data Analysis System is a full featured econometrics package developed by Houston H.Stokes at the University of Illinois, Chicago, with the help of others. The program is documented in Specifying and Diagnostically Testing Econometric Models , ed. 2, Quorum 1997, by Houston H. Stokes. Professor Stokes has implemented all the data sets in the present book in a file that can be read by his econometrics program B34S. There is a free student version of B34S that can be downloaded from the web. B34S is documented in his book (see his web page). On the B34S page there are quick start help documents. There is an executable file that will install the program and our dataset ram.mac on your machine. Once B34S is up, under FILE, select "run Macro". Then Select c:\b34slm\ram.mac and you will have a menu of the data set.