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elit2bib _(with Tiago Ribeiro)

elit2bib transforms your AEA EconLit downloads into BibTeX files
elit2bib gets references ready for your LaTeX2e or TeX documents immediately
elit2bib for EconLit downloads directly from the AEA webpage

est2tex for Stata

The package est2tex creates LaTeX tables from Stata estimation results. The tables can be edited in Stata and loaded directly into LaTeX with the command \input{table.tex}.

matsave for Stata

The package matsave contains the commands matsave and matload. These commands save Stata matrices to disk and load matrices from disk to memory.

sitc2isic converter

The converter sitc2isic provides a crosswalk from SITC revision 2 at the 4-digit level to ISIC revision 2 at the 3-digit level.

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