Mark J. Machina

                        Department of Economics

                        University of California, San Diego

                        La Jolla, CA   92093-0508

                                (858) 534-2391

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                                                ECON 100AH            ECON 200A ECON 87


Surveys, Discussions and Encyclopedia Articles

Decision Making in the Presence of Risk Science (May 1, 1987) (reprinted in...)

Choice under Uncertainty: Problems Solved and Unsolved Journal of Economic Perspectives (Summer 1987) (reprinted in...)

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Robustifying the Classical Theory of Risk Preferences and Beliefs (my primary research agenda)

·      Robustifying the Analytics of the Objective Expected Utility Model:

 ‘Expected Utility’ Analysis without the Independence Axiom Econometrica (March 1982) (reprinted in...)

Comparative Statics and Non-Expected Utility Preferences Journal of Economic Theory (April 1989)

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·  Robustifying the Classical Characterization of Subjective Probability:

A More Robust Definition of Subjective Probability (with David Schmeidler) Econometrica (July 1992) (reprinted in...)

Bayes without Bernoulli: Simple Conditions for Probabilistically Sophisticated Choice (with David Schmeidler) Journal of Economic Theory (October 1995) (reprinted in...)

·  Robustifying the Choice-Theoretic Foundations of Objective Uncertainty:

Almost-Objective Uncertainty Economic Theory (July 2004)

·  Robustifying the Analytics of the Subjective Expected Utility Model:

 ‘Expected Utility/Subjective Probability’ Analysis without the Sure-Thing Principle or Probabilistic Sophistication Economic Theory (July 2005)

Rational Choice under Uncertainty

Dynamic Consistency and Non-Expected Utility Models of Choice under Uncertainty Journal of Economic Literature (December 1989) (reprinted in...)

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Analysis of Non-Expected Utility Risk Preferences

A Stronger Characterization of Declining Risk Aversion Econometrica (July 1982)

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Event-Separability in the Ellsberg Urn Economic Theory (October 2011)

Ambiguity Aversion with Three or More Outcomes American Economic Review (December 2014)

Other Topics in Risk and Risk Aversion

On Path Independent Randomized Choice (with Robert Parks) Econometrica (September 1981)

Rational Decision Making vs. Rational Decision Modeling? Journal of Mathematical Psychology (October 1981) (reprinted in...)

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Forecasting and Decision Theory (with Clive Granger) in Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Vol. 1, ed. by Graham Elliott, Clive Granger and Allan Timmermann, 2006

Structural Attribution of Observed Volatility Clustering (with Clive Granger) Journal of Econometrics (November-December 2006)

Economic History

On the Profitability of Russian Serfdom (with Evsey Domar) Journal of Economic History (December 1984) (reprinted in...)

News, Gossip & Games

Clive & Rob’s Excellent Adventure (An account of the 2003 Nobel Prize Ceremonies)

Barrett and Arntzenius’s Infinite Decision Puzzle Theory and Decision (November 2000)

“Machina's Unceasingly Repeated Errors or Contradictions” (as dispassionately reported by Maurice Allais)

       Machina’s “Paralogisms, Sophism, Mistakes and Contractions”    

       “then Allais would turn on Machina”    

Underwater Basket Weaving    

Photos with some of his Heroes, Friends and Colleagues