Michelle J. White

Research Professor, University of California, San Diego,
Research Associate, NBER

Department of Economics
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla CA 92093-0508
Phone: (858) 534-2783;
E-mail: miwhite AT ucsd.edu

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I. Personal and corporate bankruptcy

  • "Financial Distress Among the Elderly: Bankruptcy Reform and the Financial Crisis," with Wenli Li, Remaking Retirement: Debt in an Aging Economy, Oxford University Press, 2020.

  • "The Treatment of Secured Credit in Bankruptcy," Research Handbook on Corporate Bankruptcy Law, Barry Adler, editor, Elgar, 2020.

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  • "Using Bankruptcy to Reduce Foreclosures," with Wenli Li and Ishani Tewari, CESifo Dice Report, September 2014. This is a short summary of the previous paper.

  • "How Bankruptcy Contributed to the Mortgage Crisis and How It Could Help The Economy Recover," with Wenli Li. The Occupy Handbook," Janet Byrne, editor. Back Bay Books/Little, Brown and Co., 2012.

  • "Economics of Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy Law," Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics, Francesco Parisi, editor. Oxford University Press.

  • "Did Bankruptcy Reform Cause Mortgage Defaults to Rise?" with Wenli Li and Ning Zhu. NBER working paper 15968. Published in American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2011.

  • "Bankruptcy Reform in 2005 Exacerbated the Mortgage Crisis," with Wenli Li and Ning Zhu. NBER Digest, August 2010. This is a short summary of the previous paper.

  • "Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy Law," Annual Review of Law and Social Science, vol. 7, 2011.

  • "Bankruptcy, mortgage default, and foreclosure," VOXEU.org article, posted December 1, 2009. This is a short summary of the next paper.

  • "Mortgage Default, Foreclosures and Bankruptcy," with Wenli Li. Presented at the IMF Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference, November 2009.

  • Talk at the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, Las Vegas (pdf file of powerpoint slides), October 2009.

  • "Bankruptcy: Past Puzzles, Recent Reforms, and the Mortgage Crisis." This is a revised version of my presidential address, given at the American Law and Economics Association's 18th Annual Meeting, May 2008. NBER working paper 14549. American Law and Economics Review, Spring 2009.

  • "Saving Your Home in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy," with Ning Zhu. NBER working paper 14179. Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 39:1, pp. 33-61, January 2010. Theory appendix for this paper .

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  • "Economics of Corporate and Personal Bankruptcy Law." In The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, 2008. (This is a much shorter version of the previous paper.)

  • "Personal Bankruptcy: Insurance, Work Effort, Opportunism and the Efficiency of the 'Fresh Start'." Preliminary draft presented at the Am. Law & Economics Assn. Conference, New York, May 2005.

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  • "Bankruptcy and Small Firms' Access to Credit," with Jeremy Berkowitz. RAND J. of Economics, vol. 35:1, pp. 69-84, Spring 2004. (NBER working paper number 9010.) Stata file of variables not in the NSSBF dataset.
  • List of Variables.

  • "Personal Bankruptcy and the Level of Entrepreneurial Activity," with Wei Fan. Journal of Law & Economics, vol. 46:2, October 2003, pp. 543-568. (NBER working paper 9340.)

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  • SAS program used in this paper.

  • "Why Don't More Households File for Bankruptcy?" Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, vol. 14:2, pp. 205-231, October 1998. (Note: data and program used in this paper are the same as those listed above for Univ. of Chic. L.R. paper.)

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    II. Asbestos litigation

  • "Mass Tort Litigation: Asbestos" (revised version), Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer Science, 2019.

  • "Mass Tort Litigation: Asbestos," Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer Science, 2014.

  • "Asbestos Litigation: Procedural Innovations and Forum-Shopping," August 2005. Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 365-398, June 2006. NBER working paper 9362, December 2002.

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  • "Why the Asbestos Genie Won't Stay in the Bankruptcy Bottle." University of Cincinnati Law Review, vol. 70:4, Summer 2002, pp. 1319-1340.

    III. Public and urban economics

  • "Fiscal Zoning and Sales Taxes: Do Higher Sales Taxes Lead to More Retailing and Less Manufacturing?" with Daria Burnes and David Neumark. NBER working paper 16932. A summary of this paper appeared in the NBER Digest, August 2011. To be published in National Tax Journal. Appendix Tables.

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  • "The `Arms Race' on American Roads: The Effect of Sport Utility Vehicles and Pickup Trucks on Traffic Safety." Journal of Law & Economics, October 2004, vol. XLVII(2), pp. 333-356. For a description of this article, see "Are bigger vehicles safer? It depends on whether you're a passenger or a target," by Hal R. Varian, New York Times, Dec. 18, 2003, p. C2. NBER working paper 9302, Nov. 2002, is an earlier version.

  • "In-State versus Out-of-State Students: The Divergence of Interest between Public Universities and State Governments,'' with Jeff Groen. NBER working paper 9603, April 2003. J. of Public Economics, vol. 88:9-10, pp. 1793-1814, August 2004.

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    IV: Law & Economics

  • "No-fault for Motor Vehicles: An Economic Analysis," with Yu-ping Liao. American Law and Economics Review, vol.4:2, 2002, pp. 258-294.

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