• Econ 1: Principles of Microeconomics
  • Econ 2: Market Imperfections and Policy
  • Econ 139: Undergraduate Labor Economics
  • Econ 250A: Graduate Labor (taught with Eli Berman, Julian Betts and Gordon Dahl)
  • Econ 250C: Graduate Labor (taught with Julian Betts)

NOTE: For class web pages, students should visit ted.ucsd.edu

Funny student comment

As a student who has never taken economics before, I felt this class was such a reality shock in that these concepts we learn in economics can ACTUALLY be applied to real life and in this short 10 week class, it's just a struggle to  accept that this is how the world runs. I find it very difficult to do well in a class that is so realistic. I would not recommend this class unless it's necessary because it is not easy!  --anonymous student comment from Econ 1 Fall 2011 course evaluations