Economics 200C


Joel Sobel

This page should provide links to assignments, answers, and slides from the lectures..

There is also a link to notes created by Nagib Ali and Navin Kartik .




5-10:  Last announcement.  Midterm Answers Posted.  Thank you for your patience.

4-30:  Now Lecture 9 link fixed and PS 2 answers posted.

4-30:  Answers to Problem Set 3 and Practice Midterm Posted.  (Problem Set 2 answers posted after class.)

4-27:  Practice Exam posted.

4-27:  April 27 notes updated and April 30 notes posted (no new information). 

4-26:  Problem Sect 3 posted.

4-24:  Problem Set 2: hand in the first two problems (small group work ok).

4-24:  April 23 notes updated and April 27 notes posted. 

4-24:  Remember no class on 4-25 (we meet instead on 4-27 at 9:45 in Room 300).

4-25:   I still owe you a practice exam and some more signaling problems.   I apologize for the delay.

4-19:  Optional problem session Friday April 20, 9:45 in room 300.

4-19: I will put graded homework 1 in your econ mailbox (if you have one)  at about 1:30 today. Answer notes posted below.

4-19:  Second problem set posted.

4-19:  April 18 notes updated (a tiny bit more information).

4-19:  Preliminary April 23 notes posted.

4-16:  April 16 notes updated.  Preliminary April 18 notes posted. 

4-13:  April 9 notes updated.  Preliminary April 13 notes posted.  Remainder of  class follows (approximately Mas-Colell, Whinston, Green)

4-6:  First problem set: Hand in Ali problems 4, 8, 9; Sobel 2, 3

4-6:  April 6 notes updated.  Preliminary April 9 notes posted.

4-6:  April 9 will begin with imperfect monitoring and end (I hope) with an introduction to incomplete information games.

4-5:  April 4 notes updated (tiny changes).  April 6 notes posted.

4-2:  April 2 notes updated (to reflect how far we got and one small clarification)

4-2:  April 4 notes are just the last part of  notes previously posted. 

3-30:  This is the first announcement.   Posted:  Outline, First Problem Set, Slides for Lecture 1. 



Course Outline



Problem Set 1  Answer Notes


Problem Set 2 Answer Notes


Problem Set 3 Answer Notes


Practice Exam Answer Notes


Midterm with Answers and Comments


Nageeb Ali's Notes


Navin Kartik's Notes


I hope to post slides prior to each lecture and then update the file (with corrections and to correspond to what was covered) after the lecture:


Slides from Lecture 1 (April 2)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 2 (April 4)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 3 (April 6)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 4 (April 9)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 5 (April 16)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 6 (April 18)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 7 (April 23)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 8 (April 27)  (updated)


Slides from Lecture 9 (April 30)  (updated)