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2:30-3:20 Tuesday, Thursday

Leland Farmer

Econ 128

2:30-3:30 Monday

Erin Giffin

Econ 117

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Course Outline


12-16:  I have submitted final grades.  

12-16:  Posted below: the final, solutions, and comments on grading (both final exam and course).

12-16:  Students who signed the Buckley waiver will be able to pick up their graded exam in the first floor alcove of the Economics Building, near Econ 108 at the beginning of January.)  Final exams without a signed Buckley Waiver will be in the undergraduate student affairs office, SH Room 245.  Students with a valid ID may retrieve their final exam during business hours in January.  Final exams are stored through the end of Winter Quarter 2013, at which point the staff destroys all final exams.





These are pdfs from Fall 2010.  I will update them to reflect what I actually cover.


Introduction and Problem Formulation (updated 9-27)

Problem Formulation and Graphing (updated 10-2)

Graphing and Duality (updated 10-4)

Duality and Complementary Slackness (updated and corrected10-9)

Complementary Slackness Examples (updated 10-11)

More Complementary Slackness Examples and the Linear Production Problem (updated 10-16)

Sensitivity Analysis (updated10-18)

Sensitivity Analysis (updated10-23)

Sensitivity Analysis Example (updated 10-25)

Sensitivity Analysis Example, continued (updated10-30)

Integer Programming (updated 11-6)

Branch and Bound (updated 11-8)

Shortest Route Problem (updated 11-13)

More Shortest Route and Minimum Spanning Tree (updated 11-15)

Max Flow/Min Cut  (updated 11-27)

Max Flow/Min Cut  (updated 11-27)

Assignment Problem  (updated 11-29)

Assignment Problem Continued  (updated 12-4)

Stable Marriage Problem (updated 12-8)







I.         Introduction and Problem Formulation (pdf)


II.        Graphical Solutions (pdf)


III.        A Simplex Algorithm Example (pdf) (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


IV.        Using Excel to Solve Linear Programming Problems (pdf)


Sample Spreadsheets:

Template(pdf); Solution(pdf); Sensitivity(pdf); Template in Excel Format (xls)


                        V.                     ProblemTransformations (pdf)  (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


                        VI.                    Duality and Complementary Slackness (pdf)


                        VII.                   Sensitivity Analysis (pdf)          Examples (xls)


                         VIII.    The Transportation Problem (pdf)         Examples (xls)


                        IX.        Two-Person Zero-Sum Game Theory (pdf)

(Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


                        X.         Integer Programming (pdf)


                        NEW: Notes on Stable Marriage Problem (pdf)

                        NEW:  Stable Marriage Problems  and Solutions


Fall 2012 Quizzes, Exams, and Solutions



Quiz 1  Answers (corrected October 18, 2012)

Quiz 2 Answers

Quiz 3 Answers

Quiz 4 Answers





Midterm Excel Information Midterm Answers Regrading Information


Final Examination:

Form 1                        Answers


Form 2                        Answers

Form 3                        Answers

Comments on Grades

Form 2    Answers

Form 3    Answers

Comments on Grades

Supplementary Formulation Problems and Solutions

Fall 2010 Quizzes, Exams, and Solutions

Quiz 1     Answers

Quiz 2     Answers

Quiz 3     Answers

Quiz 4     Answers

Midterm:  Form A                  Form B             Form C                Answers    Excel Information

Final Exam      Answers


Fall 2008 Exams and Solutions

 Midterm 1(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm(.pdf)

 Midterm 2(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm(.pdf)  Excel Information (Problem 2) (.xls) Excel Information (Form B) (.xls)

 Final Exam                             suggested answers


Fall 2008 Homework and Solutions

Problem Set 1          Solutions(.pdf)   Excel Information(.xls)  

Problem Set 2          Excel Information for Problem Set 2 (xls) Solutions(.pdf)  Excel Spreadsheets(.xls)

Problem Set 3          Solutions(.pdf)


Fall 2007 Exams and Solutions

 Midterm(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm (.pdf)      Excel Information (..xls)

 Final Exam, suggested answers


     Fall 2007 Homework and Solutions


Problem Set 1             Problem Set 1 Answers  Excel Information

Problem Set 2             Problem Set 2 Answers  Excel Information

Problem Set 3             Problem Set 3 Answers  Excel Information

Fall 2004 Exams and Solutions

           Midterm 1-A(.pdf)      Midterm 1-B (.pdf)                Solutions to Midterm 1 (.pdf)

           Midterm 2-A(.pdf)    Midterm 2-B(.pdf)       Solutions to Midterm 2 (.pdf) Excel Spreadsheet(.xls)

Final Exam, suggested answers,  and an excel spreadsheet




Fall 2004 Homework and Solutions

Homework  Assignment 1 (.pdf)                          Solutions(.pdf)   Excel Information (.xls)

Homework Assignment 2 (.pdf)                             Solutions(.pdf)   Excel Information (.xls)

Homework Assignment 3 (.pdf)                           Solutions (.pdf)  Excel Information (.xls)