Economics 172A







Econ 311

W 1:30-3:30

Soojin JO

SH 207

F 2-4

Chulyoung KIM

SH 224

Tu 11-1

Charles LIN

Econ 124

Tu 2-4

Juanjuan MENG

SH 234

Th 1:30-3:30



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12-16: Final Examination and Answers Posted Below.  The answers contain comments about the computation of final grades.

12-16: If you signed the waiver, final examinations will be available starting (approximately) December 23 in the second floor alcove of the Economics Department Building.  If you did not sign the waiver, the exams will be available in Sequoyah Hall 245 after January 12.


Course Outline


I.         Introduction and Problem Formulation (pdf)


II.          Graphical Solutions (pdf)


III.         A Simplex Algorithm Example (pdf) (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


IV.        Using Excel to Solve Linear Programming Problems (pdf)

Sample Spreadsheets:

Template(pdf); Solution(pdf); Sensitivity(pdf); Template in Excel Format (xls)


           V.          ProblemTransformations (pdf)  (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


           VI.         Duality and Complementary Slackness (pdf)


           VII.        Sensitivity Analysis (pdf)          Examples (xls)


           VIII.        The Transportation Problem (pdf)         Examples (xls)


           IX.          Two-Person Zero-Sum Game Theory (pdf) (Extra Material: Not Covered in Lectures or Examinations)


           X.          Integer Programming(pdf)


Supplementary Formulation Problems and Solutions


Fall 2008 Homework and Solutions


Problem Set 1           Solutions(.pdf)   Excel Information(.xls)  


Problem Set 2          Excel Information for Problem Set 2 (xls) Solutions(.pdf)  Excel Spreadsheets(.xls)

Problem Set 3           Solutions(.pdf)


Fall 2008 Exams and Solutions


 Midterm 1(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm(.pdf)

 Midterm 2(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm(.pdf)  Excel Information (Problem 2) (.xls) Excel Information (Form B) (.xls)

 Final Exam                              suggested answers



Fall 2007 Homework and Solutions


Problem Set 1                                                           Problem Set 1 Answers  Excel Information

Problem Set 2                                                           Problem Set 2 Answers  Excel Information

Problem Set 3                                                           Problem Set 3 Answers  Excel Information


Fall2004 Homework and Solutions

Homework  Assignment 1 (.pdf)                              Solutions(.pdf)ExcelInformation (.xls)

Homework Assignment 2 (.pdf)                          Solutions(.pdf) Excel Information (.xls)

Homework Assignment 3 (.pdf)                               Solutions (.pdf) Excel Information (.xls)

Fall 2007 Exams andSolutions

 Midterm(.pdf)                    Solutions to Midterm (.pdf)            Excel Information (..xls)

 Final Exam, suggested answers


Fall 2004 Exams and Solutions

            Midterm 1-A(.pdf)    Midterm 1-B (.pdf)    Solutions to Midterm 1 (.pdf)

Midterm 2-A(.pdf)  Midterm 2-B(.pdf)      Solutions to Midterm 2 (.pdf) Excel Spreadsheet(.xls)

Final Exam, suggested answers,  and an excel spreadsheet