Research on impact of bureaucratic structure on bureaucratic and economic performance


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"Bureaucracy, Infrastructure, and Economic Growth:  Evidence from U. S. Cities During the Progressive Era," American Economic Review 85 (September 1995):  968-979.  [Copyright 1995, American Economic Association; reproduced with permission of the American Economic Review.]

  • The data used in this paper are available from James Rauch on request.

"Leadership Selection, Internal Promotion, and Bureaucratic Corruption in Less Developed Polities," Canadian Journal of Economics 34 (February 2001):  240-258.

Bureaucratic structure and economic performance project

This site contains the data set, codebook, and papers produced by the Bureaucratic Structure and Economic Performance project. This project was funded by the Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector (IRIS), the Russell Sage Foundation, the World Bank, and NSF grant #SBR94-15480.

The data set is a tab-delimited ascii file which may be freely downloaded. Click on "Download Data Set" to view the file, then select "File--Save As..." from your browser menu to save the file.

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  • "Bureaucracy and Growth:  A Cross-National Analysis of the Effects of 'Weberian' State Structures on Economic Growth" (with Peter B. Evans), American Sociological Review 64 (October 1999):  748-765.

  • "Bureaucratic Structure and Bureaucratic Performance in Less Developed Countries " (with Peter B. Evans), Journal of Public Economics 75 (January 2000):  49-71.

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