James Andreoni, UCSD


Recent Research Papers


“The Effects of the 2017 Tax Reform on Itemization Status and the Charitable Deduction”  Andreoni and Jon Durnford, Tax Notes, July 15, 2019

Risk Preferences of Children and Adolescents in Relation to Gender, Cognitive Skills, Soft Skills, and Executive Functions” with Amalia Di Girolamo, John List, Claire Mackevicius and Anya Samek, March 2019. Forthcoming, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization


Toward an understanding of the development of time preferences: Evidence from field experiments  with Michael Kuhn, John A. List, Anya Samek, Kevin Sokal, and Charles Sprenger, January 2019. Forthcoming, Journal of Public Economics.


“Arbitrage or Narrow Bracketing? On Using Money to Measure Intertemporal Preferences,” with Christina Gravert, Michael A. Kuhn, Silvia Saccardo, and Yang Yang, October 2018.


“When Fair Isn't Fair: Understanding Choice Reversals Involving Social Preferences” with Deniz Aydin, Blake Barton, B. Douglas Bernheim and Jeffrey Naecker, revised October, 2018. Slight revision forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy

"Satisfaction Guaranteed: When Moral Hazard Meets Moral Preferences"  American Economic Journal Microeconomics, November  2018, 10(4): 159–189.  Appendix

       AEA Research Highlights: “Building Trust with Buyers

"Time Inconsistent Charitable Giving." with Marta Serra-Garcia, revised, December 2018 (original October 2016).

“Are the rich more selfish than the poor, or do they just have more money? A natural field experiment.” with Nikos Nikiforakis and Jan Stoop, March 2017.    Appendix.

``Fooling Myself or Fooling Observers? Avoiding Social Pressures by Manipulating Perceptions of Deservingness of Others'' with Alison Sanchez, Economic Inquiry, January 2020, 58 (1), 12-133.

"Avoiding The Ask: A Field Experiment on Altruism, Empathy, and Charitable Giving.'' with Justin M. Rao, and Hannah Trachtman,  Journal of Political Economy, June 2017, v 125, no. 3.

"All Pay Auctions and Group Size: Grading on a Curve and other Applications." with Andy Brownback, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, May 2017, 147, 361-373.

"Using Preference Estimates to Customize Incentives: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan.” with Michael Callen, Karrar Hussain, Muhammad Yasir Khan, and Charles Sprenger. February 2017.

"Unexpected Utility: Experimental Tests of Five Key Questions about Preferences over Risk." with William T. Harbaugh, December 2009.  Subjects' Instructions.  See a demo of a live decision screen! (requires Java)

"The Power of Revealed Preference Tests: Ex-Post Evaluation of Experimental Design"  with Benjamin Gillen, and William Harbaugh, March 2013. 

"The Role of Judicial Discretion in Dispute Settlement" with Ray Madoff, June 2007, revised February 2008.