Ce Liu

Ph.D. Candidate – Department of Economics

Teaching Statement

Given my experience as a teaching assistant at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as my research on microeconomic theory, I would be happy to teach undergraduate courses related to microeconomics or mathematical economics, graduate first-year sequence in microeconomic theory, or graduate field courses on topics in games or decisions. If the need arises, I will also be happy to help out with any other teaching responsibilities.

Undergraduate and graduate economics courses serve different purposes. For undergraduate courses, I emphasize economic intuition and a logical understanding of the concepts; for graduate first-year sequence, I prioritize the translation between mathematical models and their economic punchlines; for graduate field courses, I will focus on mathematical techniques that organize the literature.

Teaching Statement

Teaching Assistant @ UCSD

Graduate Courses

  • ECON 205 Mathematics for Economists (Math Camp)
  • ECON 200C - Microeconomics C   [Evaluations]

Undergraduate Courses