S. Nageeb Ali Department of Economics,
UC-San Diego

Email: snali[at]ucsd.edu.
Office: ECON 214

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

Predictability and Power in Legislative Bargaining, August 2014
with B. Douglas Bernheim and Xiaochen Fan

    How does the predictability of future bargaining power influence bargaining today?

    [Presentation Slides]

Social Learning with Endogenous Information, May 2014

    If information is costly, when is social learning complete?

Ostracism, June 2013
with David Miller

    Do individuals have an incentive to reveal when others deviate?

Enforcing Cooperation in Networked Societies, November 2013
with David Miller

    Which networks support the greatest cooperation in partnerships?

Collective Search with Private Information (coming soon)
with J. Aislinn Bohren
    How should a committee make search decisions when players are privately informed?


Recognition for Sale, October 2014, Journal of Economic Theory (forthcoming).

    How does the ability to buy or lobby for bargaining power influence negotiations?

Why People Vote: Ethical Motives and Social Incentives, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, May 2013
with Charles Lin

    Some people are ethical while others wish to appear ethical. Who votes and when?

    [Supplementary Appendix] [Bibtex]


Herding with Collective PreferencesEconomic Theory, November 2012

with Navin Kartik

    Do individuals herd when there are payoff interdependencies? (A version was peer reviewed by NAJ Economics 12:4.)

    [Working Paper] [Bibtex]

Learning Self-Control, Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2011

    Would an individual learn about his temptations from his experience?

    [Working Paper] [Presentation Slides] [Bibtex]

Information Aggregation in Standing and Ad Hoc Committees, American Economic Review: P & P, May 2008
with Jacob Goeree, Navin Kartik, and Thomas Palfrey
Waiting to Settle: Multilateral Bargaining with Subjective Biases, Journal of Economic Theory, September 2006.

    Do disagreements about future bargaining power lead to delay?

    [Working Paper] [Bibtex]

Work in Progress

Image Versus Information, with Roland Benabou.

Reputation in Tournaments, with Alex Wolitzky.