Mauricio Romero

Ph.D. Candidate – Department of Economics

Pharmaceutical Prices in Colombia: Usable SISMED information

Below you can find the information on pharmaceutical prices in Colombia reported by the SISMED system. The information is taken from public information published by the government in PDF and Excel

Pharmaceuticals in Colombia: INVIMA information

This information can be merged with general drug characteristics taken from the INVIMA (from March 2017) dataset found here . The CUM1 and CUM2 in the SISMED information jointly form the complete CUM that uniquely identifies each pharmaceutical (and its commercial form). The CUM1 identifies a pharmaceutical sold by a company (so for example ibuprofen can have several CUM1, one for each company that sells it). If a company sells a pharmaceutical in different comercial forms CUM2 identifies such forms. So for example, say ibuprofen sold by company X has CUM1 0175486578, and it sells it in packages of 10, 50 and 100 tablets, then those three different comercial forms would have CUM2 1,2 and 3. In the INVIMA information CUM1 is called "EXPEDIENTE" and CUM2 is called "CONSECUTIVO".

The INVIMA also has information on whether the drug is a generic and if it can be sold over the counter without a prescription. However, this information is not published in a ready to use format. I webscrapped the information from their webpage and compiled it (before it required a captcha).

Pharmaceuticals in the public health benefit plan of Colombia

Several pieces of legislation define the benefit plan. The relevant pieces of legislation are:

List of all medical providers (e.g., hospitals, clinics, private practices) with GPS coordiantes

Below you can find the information on all medical providers in Colombia with GPS coordinates. Geolocation using Bing and Google Maps was used to get GPS coordinates. The information comes from public information published by the government in For completeness I'm also posting complementary data sets. I downloaded these data sets in April 27 2016, therefore more up-to-date information may be available. "codigo_habilitacion" identifies providers, and "numero_sede" identifies the branches within each provider.