Michael D. Noel
Associate Professor
of Economics
Texas Tech University



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Associate Professor of Economics
Texas Tech University


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Michael D. Noel is an Economist and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Texas Tech University. Professor Noel conducts research in the area of Industrial Organization and Antitrust Economics, with a specialty in Oil & Gas and Energy markets. An expert in his field, he has consulted for both firms and governments in high profile merger and antitrust law matters around the globe. He is active in policy discussions surrounding the Oil & Gas industry, is regularly quoted by the press on current energy issues and other topics, and has presented his research at universities and conferences worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T.

Professor Noel's research articles have been published in professional journals including the RAND Journal of Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Industrial Economics, Energy Economics, and the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, among others. He has also published articles at the intersection of economics and antitrust law in legal journals such as the Columbia Business Law Review, the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, the Antitrust Practitioner, and the Canadian Competition Law Review. He is best known for his work on gasoline price dynamics, and in particular, the controversial cycling phenomenon known as "Edgeworth Price Cycles".

Professor Noel's research has been cited by economists, legal scholars, and competition authorities internationally. Recently, his research featured prominently in the FTC's most recent comprehensive national investigation on petroleum pricing. His study on the costs of the Australian ethanol mandate was widely covered and debated in the Australian press and, recently, he was commissioned by a consortium of thirteen competition authorities to advise them on supermarket competition in Latin America. Outside the energy arena, Professor Noel publishes on a variety of topics including retail pricing and entry, two-sided markets, software patents, market definition, and price obfuscation.

Professor Noel has also conducted analyses relating to price fixing, collective dominance, coordinated behaviors, mergers, and regulation in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, supermarkets, managed health care, pharmaceuticals, packaged software, payment cards, book publishing, online search, communications, and auto manufacturing. In addition to antitrust and merger matters, Professor Noel is an expert on labor and employment law matters including labor market discrimination and wage and hours issues.

On the teaching side, Professor Noel has taught numerous courses in Microeconomics (including Labor Economics), Industrial Organization, Regulation, and Antitrust over the past fifteen years. Before Texas Tech, Professor Noel was on the faculty in the Economics Department at UC San Diego, and prior to that, he taught courses in Microeconomics and Antitrust Economics and the University of Toronto and at MIT.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. Economics, 2002

University of Toronto, M.A. Economics, 1997

University of Toronto, Hons. B. Sc. Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science, 1996 (Gold Medal Recipient)


Texas Tech University, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, 2013-present

University of California San Diego, Visiting Lecturer (Summer Sessions), Department of Economics, 2012-present

Edgeworth Economics, Senior Vice President, 2011-2012

University of California San Diego, Assistant Professor, 2002-2011

LECG, Special Consultant, 2005-2010

National Economic Research Associates (NERA), Special Consultant, 2002-2005

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Instructor, 1999-2002

University of Toronto, Instructor (Summer Sessions), 1998-2002

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