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Dr. Michael D. Noel is an Economist and Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, Texas. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

Professor Noel publishes extensively on antitrust and competition issues in the Oil & Gas sector and other sectors. He teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses at the intersection of economics and antitrust law, and regularly interacts with industry, government, and the media, locally, nationally, and internationally, to discuss competition issues.


Professor Noel is an expert in econometrics, mergers, and the economics of antitrust. He has published extensively on Oil & Gas competition in particular, and is widely regarded around the world for his pioneering research on dynamic gasoline price competition and gasoline price cycles.

Professor Noel has analyzed merger and antitrust issues in a wide range of other industries including retail products, supermarkets, managed health care, pharmaceuticals, packaged software, payment cards, book publishing, online search, communications, and auto manufacturing.

Professor Noel's areas of expertise include price fixing, collective dominance, coordinated behavior, predatory pricing, resale price maintenance, foreclosure, exclusion, tying clauses, price discrimination, mergers, contract disputes, damages calculations, and economic regulation. In addition to antitrust and merger matters, Professor Noel has extensive experience in labor and employment issues.


Professor Noel's research has been published in professional economics journals including the RAND Journal of Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Industrial Economics, the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Energy Economics, the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, and others. He has also published articles at the intersection of economics and antitrust law in legal journals such as the Columbia Business Law Review, the CPI Antitrust Chronicle, the Antitrust Practitioner, and the Canadian Competition Law Review.

Professor Noel's research has been cited by economists, legal scholars, and competition authorities, domestically and internationally. He publishes on a variety of competition topics including pricing, price volatility, price fixing, price discrimination, mergers, market definition, entry effects, two-sided markets, patenting, and consumer search, among other topics. His research featured prominently in a recent FTC investigation on petroleum pricing in the United States. His research on the Australian fuel ethanol mandate was widely covered in the media and debated in Australia. He was recently commissioned by a consortium of thirteen competition authorities in Latin America to advise them on the state of supermarket competition there.

Professor Noel gives seminars and lectures at universities and conferences around the world, and has presented his research to audiences on six continents.


Professor Noel teaches courses on competitive strategy and the economics of antitrust at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at Texas Tech University. He has also taught courses on strategy and economics at the University of California San Diego, the University of Toronto, and M.I.T., over the past twenty years.


Professor Noel is regularly called upon by local, national, and international media to discuss current economic events -- from changing oil prices and gasoline prices to disputed merger reviews to labor market issues.


Professor Noel holds a Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T., a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Toronto and a Bachelors degree in Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science also from the University of Toronto.

Professor Noel is a peer reviewer for over forty professional journals in economics.

Professor Noel is internationally recognized for his work in competition economics and has given seminars on his research at universities and conferences on six continents.


Current Employment

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Texas Tech University

Prior Experience

Senior Vice President
Edgeworth Economics

Special Consultant, NERA Economics

Special Consultant, LECG Economics

Assistant Professor
University of California San Diego

Course Instructor, M.I.T.

Course Instructor, University of Toronto


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