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Evaluating The Health Benefits Of Transitions In Household Energy Techonology In Kenya

Presenting Author: Majid Ezzati (RFF)
Coauthor 1: Dan Kammen
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Coauthor 3:
Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are the leading cause of burden of disease worldwide and have been causally linked with exposure to pollutants from domestic biomass fuels in developing countries. We used longitudinal health data coupled with detailed monitoring of personal exposure from more than 2 years of field measurements in rural Kenya to examine the reductions in disease from a range of interventions, including changes in energy technology (stove or fuel) and cooking location. Our estimates show that on average the suite of interventions considered reduce the fraction of times that infants and children below 5 years are diagnosed with disease by 24-64% for ARI and 21-44% for acute lower respiratory infections (ALRI).The range of reductions is larger for those above 5 years, and highly dependent on the time-activity budget of individuals. These reductions due to environmental management in infant and child ALRI are of similar magnitude to those achieved by medical interventions.
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Session / Day / Time 11D / Wednesday / 2:15 - 4:15 pm
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