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Enforcement, Payments, And Development Projects Near Protected Areas: How The Market Setting Determines What Works Where

Presenting Author: Heidi J Albers (The World Bank)
Coauthor 1: Jeffrey Muller
Coauthor 2:
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This paper examines a model of the decisions made by developing country Protected Areas Managers (PAMs) that recognizes that rural people react to policies differently in various market settings. For each of three market settings—complete markets, missing labor market, and missing resource market—the paper identifies the make-up of an optimal management plan that consists of three possible policies: enforcement, agricultural development projects, and conservation payments. The analysis determines that the market setting alters the effectiveness of each policy and thus contributes to the mix of policies chosen. These results ground a discussion of the likelihood of success of conservation policies, the failure of Integrated Conservation-Development Projects (ICDPs), and the use of some policies as mechanisms to compensate rural people for lost access to resources within protected areas.
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