Paper Title:

Willingness To Pay For Future Risk: How Much Does Latency Matter?

Presenting Author: Anna Alberini (Univ. of Maryland)
Coauthor 1: Maureen L Cropper
Coauthor 2: Alan Krupnick
Coauthor 3: Nathalie B Simon
Using a contingent valuation survey administered to 930 respondents in Hamilton Ontario and 1200 respondents in the U.S., we examine the impact of age and current health status on WTP for a future reduction in fatal risk. We estimate a reduced form WTP equation for a reduction in risk of death at age 70 to examine the impact of income, current age and health status, as well as beliefs about the probability of survival to age 70, on WTP. We also compare WTP for the future risk reduction with WTP for a contemporaneous risk reduction at age 70 to infer the rate at which respondents discount WTP.
Link to paper: Not available
Session / Day / Time 6H / Tuesday / 10:15 - 11:45 am
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