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The Complex Interactions Of Markets For Endangered Species Products

Presenting Author: Carolyn Fischer (Resources for the Future)
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Economic models of trade in endangered species products often do not incorporate four focal arguments in the policy debate over trade bans: 1) law-abiding consumers may operate in another market, separate from illegal consumers, that trade would bring online; 2) legal trade reduces stigma, which affects demand of law-abiding consumers; 3) laundering may bring illegal goods to legal markets when trade is allowed; 4) legal sales may affect illegal supply costs. This paper analyzes systematically which aspects of these complicated markets, separately or in combination, are important for determining whether limited legalized trade in otherwise illegal goods can be helpful for achieving policy goals like reducing poaching. The results indicate that separate legal demand is not a problem in itself; for trade to be problematic to poaching, laundering or supply externalities must be present. Stigma effects are important for determining the optimal level of certified trade.
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