Arman Rezaee

Assistant Professor in Economics
University of California, Davis
Beginning Fall 2016

Research summary

My research seeks to understand how to improve government services in fragile states. I focus in particular on rural settings, where the majority of the world's population live and where government services suffer from low employee effort. In my job market paper, I show that cost-effective, self-sustaining, and scalable crowd-sourcing technology can be harnessed to improve government performance in Pakistan and subsequently the welfare of rural Pakistanis. I am also interested in how personality traits of government employees matter for efforts to improve government services through increased transparency, as well as how governments decide where to offer services in the first place. My research makes use of large-scale field experiments that leverage cellular technology, as well as natural experiments using historical archival data. Much of my work focuses on Pakistan. I also have active projects in Uganda and the Philippines.