Andres Santos

Associate Professor – Department of Economics

Phone: (858) 534-2407

Fax: (858) 534-7040


Department of Economics
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive # 0508
La Jolla, CA 92093-0508

Working Papers

Published or Forthcoming

  • "Asymptotically Efficient Estimation of Models Defined by Convex Moment Inequalities" (pdf)
    Econometrica, Vol. 82(1) (2014) 387-413 (with Hiroaki Kaido).
    Supplemental Appendix (pdf) Slides (pdf) Code (zip).
  • "On the Testability of Identification in Some Nonparametric Models with Endogeneity" (pdf)
    Econometrica, Vol. 81(6) (2013) 2535-2559 (with Ivan A. Canay and Azeem M. Shaikh). 
    Slides (pdf).
  • "Sensitivity to Missing Data Assumptions: Theory and an Evaluation of the U.S. Wage Structure" (pdf)
    Quantitative Economics, Vol. 4 (2013) 231-267 (with Patrick Kline). 
    Supplemental Appendix (pdf)  Slides (pdf) Code (zip).
  • "Higher Order Properties of the Wild Bootstrap Under Misspecification" (pdf)
    Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 171 (2012) 54-70 (with Patrick Kline).
    Supplemental Appendix (pdf) Code (zip).
  • "A Score Based Approach to Wild Bootstrap Inference" (pdf)
    Journal of Econometric Methods, Vol. 1(1) (2012) 23-41 (with Patrick Kline).
    Code (zip) David Roodman's Stata implementation (link).
  • "Inference in Nonparametric Instrumental Variables with Partial Identification" (pdf)
    Econometrica, Vol. 80(1) (2012) 213-275.
    Slides (pdf) Code (zip)
  • "On the Asymptotic Optimality of Empirical Likelihood for Testing Moment Restrictions" (pdf)
    Econometrica, Vol. 80(1) (2012) 413-423 (with Yuichi Kitamura and Azeem M. Shaikh).
    Supplemental Appendix (pdf)
  • "Instrumental Variables Methods for Recovering Continuous Linear Functionals" (pdf)
    Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 161(2) (2011) 129-146.
  • "Semiparametric Estimation of Nonseparable Models: A MDI Approach" (pdf)
    Econometrics Journal, Vol. 13 (2010) S28-S55 (with Ivana Komunjer).